MU set a record of making his own goal and receiving a penalty

MU’s impressive 4-1 win over Newcastle United created remarkable historical milestones with the Red Devils before they entered the stormy Tourmalet of a series of upcoming Champions League and Premier League.

After the tragedy of losing 1-6 to Tottenham in the 5th round of the English Premier League at Old Trafford 2 weeks ago, MU was back impressed with a 4-1 victory as a guest at St. James’ Park. by Newcastle United.

Luke Shaw is the 5th player in MU history to kick an own goal when “Red Devils” meet Newcastle in the Premier League.

Luke Shaw is the 5th player in MU history to kick an own goal

Notably, in the match this morning, MU was led by “Warblers” after an unfortunate home-goal in the second minute of right defender Luke Shaw. MU has had 5 players “burning temple” in history when facing Newcastle in the English Premier League (Henning Berg, Wes Brown, Phil Jones, Jonny Evans, and Luke Shaw).

Only 2 teams have more own-goal players than MU when they encounter a Premier League opponent. They are Sunderland (against MU) and Liverpool (against Tottenham).

The match against Newcastle this morning saw Bruno Fernandes miss the penalty for the first time in 10 consecutive correct penalties since joining the “red half to Manchester” from Sporting Lisbon in January this year.

According to Opta Joe, MU has set a new record with 17 times the referees received a penalty from the beginning of the previous season, 5 times more than the team ranked right after them.

No team has enjoyed as many penalties as MU

Despite just winning Newcastle 4-1 to temporarily jump 2 places to No. 14 in the Premier League this season, the worry still comes to MU. The upcoming match schedule with Solskjaer teachers and students is very heavy when they have to continuously encounter 4 stubborn opponents in two large arenas.

No team has enjoyed as many penalties as MU since the beginning of last season (17 times)

Specifically, MU will meet PSG, Chelsea, RB Leipzig, and Arsenal in turn within 11 days (October 21 to November 1) in the framework of Group H Champions League and the next two rounds in the Premier League. If you do not promptly correct your defending, which is still quite bad, “Red Devils” will risk returning to the last dark days.