Statistics that proves the great influence of Bruno Fernandes at MU

Since coming to MU in January 2020, Bruno Fernandes has immediately proven the value when quickly becoming the conductor of the team. However, not only with the Red Devils, but the Portuguese player also owns statistics that make every other player admire.

Joining MU in January 2020 for the price of 68 million pounds, Bruno Fernandes immediately proved his worth. The Portuguese player is the conductor in the Red Devils gameplay. He is also the most prominent name on the team.

If only in the Premier League since Bruno Fernandes made his debut for MU on 2/2/2020, the midfielder has statistics that make everyone lose their hats because of the impressive indicators the statue I created.

Specifically, he launched 417 passes to the bottom third of the field – the highest number in the tournament. Besides, this player also has 198 passes to bring the ball into the opponent’s penalty area. This is the achievement that is second only to Kevin De Bruyne.

MU and 4 goals to be achieved in the remaining 3 matches in November

After an impressive victory over Everton in the eighth round of the Premier League, MU has 3 more matches in November. In addition to winning, they will aim for 4 other important goals from these competitions.

Bruno Fernandes has proven the value when quickly becoming the conductor of the team

Regarding the number of shots created, Bruno Fernandes is also ranked 2nd since February 2020 to now with 64 shots. He also created a total of 50 scoring opportunities for his teammates – the second-highest achievement in the Premier League.

Bruno Fernandes brought 23 goals for MU, the highest number in the tournament, in which he contributed 13 goals (2nd highest achievement) and 10 assists (Highest achievement in the tournament).

With these statistics, it can be seen that the influence and excellence that Bruno Fernandes has created at MU as well as the English Premier League. The Portuguese midfielder did not fall to the top 3 in any statistics related to his ability to attack – his main role.


MU has a very disappointing start in the Premier League with 14th place on the rankings. However, there is still a long way to go and the Reds have many things to strive for and expect. For MU to be successful this season, everything will depend a lot on Bruno Fernandes.